Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Security

In recent years we have seen a tremendous increase in the amount of mobile devices and it is expected to exceed the total number of PCs in the near future. A consequence of this is an increase in mobile applications to meet people's demands for everyday life.

Currently users have the ability to do online banking, keep track of their accumulated points at their favorite grocery store chain or even remotely access their desktop computer. Our job is to ensure these applications are secure and safe against hackers.

Why is it important to audit mobile applications?

  • To detect insecure web services which are at risk by being exposed to everyone.
  • To identify programming errors which could allow unauthorized access to personal information.
  • To find design errors which could put the user's sensitive information at risk.
  • To detect weak communication channels (internal and external) in the application.
  • To detect misconfigurations which could lead to vulnerabilities.
  • To detect poorly implemented encryption methods for data storage and transportation.

Learn about our testing

A mobile security evaluation consists of dynamic and static analysis to find potential vulnerabilities in your applications. All tests are performed manually by our experienced staff trained in mobile security.

Currently we can secure mobile applications for the following Operating Systems:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry

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