Posted on July 26, 2011

Last Friday, Pedro Joaquin, Chief Security Officer of Websec, released a tool to facilitate penetration testers with the exploitation of vulnerabilities in embedded devices. This tool is Routerpwn and can be found at

Routerpwn is a web application that aids with the exploitation of vulnerabilities in home routers and other embedded devices.

It is a compilation of local and remote exploits ready to run at the click of a button. The current release is v1.0 and contains 84 exploits which can be run locally by using the default internal IP address or remotely by specifying a remote IP address from which to run the exploit.

Routerpwn is written in pure JavaScript and HTML, with the idea of being able to run it on any device. It has been optimized to run on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it has been successfully tested on televisions, gaming consoles and old cell phones.

It is one single .html file which can be downloaded and run locally, so exploitation can occur without the need of an internet connection.


Routerpwn 1.0 - iPhone:

Routerpwn 1.0 - BlackBerry Curve 8900:


Videos will be released after the presentation at Black Hat Arsenal 2011 Las Vegas, the 3rd of August at 11:15 AM. For more information:

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